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Web based POS system

This POS system makes sure that all operations are working in unison, and retailers will reap the benefits.

Web based POS system

Operating a retail store and online shop simultaneously include critical management activities to perform for the smooth running of a business. An efficient point of sale (POS) system will enable such necessary activities perform much easier than done manually. We believe that our point-of-sale system, or this retail software, will open doors for this critical management task to perform much easier than you ever experienced before.

point of sale
point of sale concept

This POS system makes sure that all operations are working in unison, and retailers will reap the benefits. The place where your customer buys a product or service and makes the payment for them at your store is the key point of initiating the process of this point of sale system. If you have a retail shop, online shop, and website for your business, there is no need to separate such a system.

Now we provide a thripple package for those three systems. It will enable you to reduce administration and maintenance costs significantly. Once your customer buys a product or service from an online or physical shop, it updates the whole system with just a click. It acts as a hub to everything you are accessing, such as payment processing on the pos machine, placing orders, inventory management, and customer management.

point of sale bill printing
pos interface

User interface.

This POS system consists of intuitive user interfaces, and it will provide a more accessible and user-friendly environment for all users. Sales reporting is the key feature of this system.

Inventory management.

Another most important function of this system is inventory management, so it keeps track of each item of each specific product. Also, it inherently enables the user to scan and count products digitally, manage products as per their specification, identify the process of a particular product with unique serial numbers, track inventory levels, and consolidate purchases and orders in one order.

inventry management
Customer management

Customer management.

When it considers customer management, it allows making a sustainable customer relationship through the features such as attaching sales/transactions to customers, keeping track of customer purchase history, capturing customer information for further processing, using email marketing to stay in touch with customers. It allows for the built-in loyalty program as well.

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