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All In One Ecommerce

you can start selling online, continue your drop shipping, direct shipping, and manage your online business, like a Pro.

Hello, e-sellers! We know you wish to offer an all-in-one package for your customers as an online business to get in touch with them. But who come forward to provide all in one package for you? Leave your worries to us… we are here to offer you an all-in-one package. Now you can start selling online, continue your drop shipping, direct shipping, and manage your online business like a Pro. Here we will enable you to stay in the same place and handle all things regarding your online selling just in one case under your fingertip. By commencing our newly launched All in one E-commerce solution, it is our expectation to make a turning point in your business.

All in one E-commerce solution is an e-commerce platform that enables online sellers to do their whole process of selling products from inventory to the customer. This is a combination of several functional modules. This e-commerce website helps to manage several functional areas for the seller and track their transaction in detail. And also allows customers to browse for any product through this application. The speciality of this system is that it covers all the functional areas and provides necessary interfaces for sellers and for the customers to get a better interaction of shopping experience in a single platform.

all in one ecommerce
all in one ecommerce concept

Since many online sellers use excel sheets to note down their customer details, to contact courier service manually, to deliver a product, to run their online e-business, there can occur many uncertainties when these functions perform manually without consistency of the flow of the process. Here's where you understand the value of the All in one E-commerce Solution platform.

This e-commerce platform consists of three main sections. Each section has specific functional modules and interfaces to perform necessary activities regarding online selling and online ordering. The three sections of this e-commerce platform are Seller centre, All in one e-commerce solutions website, and All in one e-commerce solutions website Mobile app. The perfect interaction of each of these three sections will enhance your online selling experience in a more convenient and smart way.

Seller Center

When it comes to the seller center, it includes all activities that need to be done by the online sellers. The seller can track the orders using this e-commerce platform as the main function. As a seller, you can track your orders regardless they come from the website, app, or telephone call; you will be able to track that order until finally delivered to the customer's door. All intermediate statuses of this order tracking, such as money received, packing details, delivery details, and delivery status, can be tracked using this system. Also, this seller center includes the call center facility, which will enable the order confirmation, count number of calls received and sent, call re-scheduling, and view details of a call to measure the call center's performance. If you got this system as a seller, this system allows you to maintain a customizable barcode to identify each package separately. This e-commerce website facilitates sellers to manage packages by providing packing details such as when it packs, by whom it packs, etc., in the packing grid. Another important feature of this system is inventory management; a product needs to be deducted from the inventory when a it is being sold to the customer. As per that requirement, this system automatically updates the inventory according to the sales, item add-ons, and other relevant activities. Courier management is another most important functional area of the seller center. By using it, sellers can track the successful deliveries, cancellations, and returns. It provides a convenient way to perform all those activities. Reporting facility is a feature of this system that allows sellers to analyze all the details regarding their sales. As per the seller's requirement, report generating can be implemented in a customizable way.

Website and mobile app

When it comes to other sections of the All in one E-commerce solution, are its website and mobile app. Those two module includes the same features for the customer of the online selling. If the customers use the website, they can find the website by searching on a web browser, and if they are willing to go with a mobile app, they can download the app from apple store or google play store. Then they can operate the same way and perform activities in the same manner. This website and app allow customers to search for their required products, and they can shop for those products by adding them to the cart. If they want to update the cart, this system will provide all such facilities too. The system has interfaces to view all necessary details of the order such as quantity, total cost, delivery method, delivery date, shipping cost, and other relevant data. And also, customers can track their orders from the place of order. This system will include three payment gateways: Pay Here, PayPal, and Stripe. This payment gateway can be customized according to the buyer's requirements.

e commerce website and app
e commerce website and app
e commerce website and app
e commerce website and app


The system can be bought with a one-time payment or monthly/ yearly subscription for an affordable price. We believe that our best practices used in the implementation phase of this system and the quality standard evaluations will enable you to get a great experience in handling supply chain processes, order fulfilment processes in online selling with this All-in-one E-commerce Solution.

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