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Courier solution for Delivery Management

Our online courier management system to keep track and monitor every step from dispatch to procurement. This system includes three portals: the admin portal, rider portal, and client portal.

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If you are looking for an e-commerce logistic, shipping, and courier aggregator solution, you have come to the right place to seek such a service. We provide an online courier management system to keep track and monitor every step from dispatch to procurement. This system has been moduled with three portals: the admin portal, rider portal, and client portal. Each portal has specified unique features as per the use cases gathered with regard to the courier management system. It gives a perfect solution for logistic support for all three levels of system users.

courier solution package tracking
courier solution package distribution system

We believe this software will be cost worthy and user friendly for handling the transaction of packages. One of the key benefits are that you will be offered three-pages of the website for free along with the Courier Management System. Using this system, clients can make payments using both cash on delivery service (COD) and non-cash on delivery services (non-COD). This system has been implemented to perform the tasks by customer himself/ herself smoothly and get the smart digital experience on courier handling.

This courier management software has been implemented as a combination of three portals. This system has been implemented with intuitive user interfaces, and it will provide a more accessible and user-friendly environment for all users of this courier management system.

courier solution package tracking system
courier system admin portal

Admin portal.

Admin portal will facilitate the prominent feature, which is to handle all the operations of courier handling. This operation includes packages pickup handling, managing package distribution over the different branches, assigning riders for the deliveries, managing settlements of riders, managing settlement of branches, managing client return packages, report generating, and creating payment cycles. Creating a payment cycle refers that, you can create as many as cash cycles for your customers i.e., collecting cash daily, weekly, monthly etc. and decide the cash handling fee based on each cash cycle. (E.g. getting a 3% of COD for a daily cash handling cycle).

Client portal.

The client portal is another critical section of the online courier management system. It is also implemented in a very user-friendly manner. Clients of this courier management system have been enabled to register online, add packages as one by one or as a bulk, make a pickup request, cash on delivery settlements, generate reports on the transaction, and add other necessary pieces of information. Also, the client has been enabled with the facility of print pay bills including their customized logo. This online courier management system provides a personalized experience for the clients.

courier system client portal
courier system rider portal

Rider portal.

When it comes to the Rider portal of the courier software, rider will be facilitated many functions for performing more reliable and real-time updating procedures. Riders have been enabled to update the status of package transactions as delivered, re-schedule, and cancel. Riders can view their daily commissions, salary, collected cash, and be settled money from the collection too. It will provide a more transparent way to view the transactions within the company.

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