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Online Learning Management system

This system can be used globally via the internet across multiple different industries and for a variety of other learning use cases.

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A learning management system (LMS) is an e-learning platform that can handle online learning opportunities via the internet. With the main purpose of empowering online education training of the students, instructors can manage their course modules through this platform. The users who can engage with this learning solution are instructors and students. Instructors and students can create accounts and log in to their accounts to process their activities most efficiently. This e-learning platform makes it easy to coordinate students and the online courses as expected.

leaning management system web site
leaning management system concept

This system can be used globally via the internet across multiple different industries and for a variety of other learning use cases. Instructors are capable of uploading the course modules and the assignments to evaluate the students who have enrolled for particular courses and set the deadlines and necessary instructions for further processing of the activities. Students who wish to buy their essential courses can be done so through this e-learning platform. This LMS has initiated three payment gateways to purchase the courses. So, students can pay for their courses by PayHere, PayPal, and Stripe.

Instructor portal

Instructor portal.

The intuitive user interface will provide a more accessible and user-friendly environment for both instructors and students. It has personalized learning paths, providing a more tailored experience to share a specific skill set. There is a pretty big deal with course management, and there it enables the conduct and manage course creation, categorizes course, and enrols users quickly and easily.

Student portal.

Under talent management in LMS, it is possible to handle assignments, send reminders on projects and guide the students to complete the courses. Assignment review is another key activity for evaluating the students, so the system has implemented peer review activities to assess the students. The LMS can also track the number of learners' activities, and formal learning metrics and reports are generated, including course completions, course subscription dates, most viewed course, test assessment scores, active courses, and total time spent on courses and learning plans, etc.

Student portal

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